Dumplings of Northern China


Traditionally a feature of Chinese New Year celebrations—where the whole family comes home and prepares dumplings together as their first and finest meal of the year—Northern Chinese dumplings are simple yet satisfying.

At Red Door, we bring you 12 varieties of these festive recipes!

We believe the perfect dumpling always starts with the dough:  thin, sticky, with just a hint of chewiness.  Our Chefs make their dumplings from scratch to achieve the best consistency and then fill them with the perfect ratio of meats and vegetables.  This “Golden Ratio” in dumpling mathematics is a mystery to all but the greatest chefs, and seems to echo some deep and unknown truth of the universe.  

Each plate comes with a ginger-soy sauce and pickled daikon, the perfect compliment of flavors—and a good source of antioxidants!

Find them under "Small Plates" section.

handmade dough

Steamed Dumplings in 12 different varieties, best when paired with a cold beer.


Crab Rangoon is a wildly popular deep-fried dumpling, inspired by Chinese cuisine, but most likely invented in America, perhaps even in St. Louis. 

A tasty cream cheese-filled treat, the basic recipe hasn't changed in over half a century, except for the disappearance of real crab meat.  While we respect tradition, at Red Door we also like to change things up from time to time.  

So, not only are we bringing back the crab in crab rangoon, we'd like to introduce you to some new takes on this Chinese-American classic:  The Pineapple Rangoon, Chive & Onion Rangoon, Strawberry Rangoon, and Jalapeño Rangoon!